Gutter Guards

Properly functioning gutter systems will protect a home for many years when maintained seasonally. Gutters tend to get clogged with debris and leaves, especially during the fall, which makes the spring an ideal time to schedule an inspection. A clogged gutter can cause a number of issues to your home. Clogged gutters cause water to pool in one area, which can cause the gutter to sag, damage the soffit and fascia boards, and in some cases lead to leaks in the foundation and or leaks into the home by getting up under the flashing.

You can check the performance of your gutter system by waiting for a rainy day. Take a look at the gutters and ensure that water is emptying freely into the downspouts. Also, check around the perimeter of the home for water spilling over the gutter. If the downspout isn’t draining, and the water is leaking over the edges, you most likely need to spend some time clearing out your gutter system from debris.

If you are tired of cleaning your gutters out each season, ask us about our Omaha gutter guards. There are three basic types of guards available on the market each at differing price points:

Full and/or seamless gutter guards

There are a number of different products available on the market in this style of gutter guard. This gutter guard is the most expensive (about twice the price of Gutter Rx), because it is made from more rigid materials, can be seamless, and takes longer to install. This system has no holes on the top of the guard, and instead drains through a slot on the front face. In the right application, this can be the perfect gutter solution as the color can be ordered to match the gutters (great aesthetics) and the system has little chance of every clogging.

Mesh & plastic gutter guards

This is the least expensive option and is available for purchase at most home supply stores. This is our least favorite option, as debris tends to get caught in between the holes in the mesh and over time ends up clogging the gutters. We have also noticed that over time the screens can come loose or start to bend down into the gutter trough because they are so lightweight.

Aluminum Gutter Guards

This style features aluminum gutter sections with small holes. This is the most common gutter guard that we install in Omaha. The holes are large enough to allow water to flow into the gutter, but small enough to prevent debris from getting through. The guards are screwed onto the gutter so they will not easily be moved. And finally, the price works with most customers’ budget for gutter guards. We recommend the Gutter Rx brand, which is pictured above.

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